It is the Mission of IAM Theatre to produce innovative community theater that provides creative, technical and leadership opportunities to students and emerging artists. As an active and supportive member of the theater arts community, IAM Theatre encourages a collaborative effort among local programs engaged in live theater production, including drama, dance, music and graphic & fine art. IAM Theatre promotes the role of live theater in our community and culture by holding its creative work to the highest standard.

IAM Theatre fulfills its Mission by striving to do the following:

  • IAM Theatre supports students and emerging artists in a field in which it is traditionally difficult to obtain significant leadership experience by providing “hands on” experience managing a multi-generational cast of actors. Along with directing and choreographing, students and emerging artists participate in the technical areas of productions such as lighting, sound, stage management, and costume and set design.
  • IAM Theatre provides a financial boost towards tuitions as well as a resume building experience that young theater hopefuls and emerging artists may not otherwise gain.
  • IAM Theatre provides students and emerging artists an opportunity to apply and share the techniques that they have been exploring in various theater programs across the country.
  • IAM Theatre promotes the role that the theater arts play in our community and culture by generating a collaborative effort among the local programs representing the many disciplines engaged in live theater production.  IAM Theatre draws outstanding talent from local theater, dance, music, and fine & graphic art programs.
  • IAM Theatre welcomes the community to participate either through open auditions or volunteering for production committees including costume and set design and building, publicity, and stage crew. 
  • IAM Theatre’s production staff has over 30 years of management and performance experience and is supported by a Board of Directors comprised of experienced business professionals to provide expanded organizational support.